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Sponsored refugees are entitled to receive adequate and effective support. Your sponsorship is a contractual agreement between you (the sponsors), AURA (your Sponsorship Agreement Holder or SAH) and Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC). This contract comes with minimum financial obligations determined by the government of Canada’s Private Sponsorship Program rules and AURA requires sponsors be prepared to cover additional expenses.

Financial support is a major component of your responsibilities. It gives sponsored refugees the chance to develop language and other work-related skills to help them find meaningful, well-paid work in the longer term as well as integrate well into their community and Canadian society. These guidelines are also in place to make sure and refugee newcomers have agency and financial independence during their sponsorship.

For sponsored refugees, the sponsorship period is an opportunity to dedicate time and energy towards learning (or improving) their English and making Canada their new home.

The information in the following pages will help you understand and plan your financial responsibilities.

Section 1: Total Funds Required
Section 2: Funds Required in Advance
Section 3: Start-Up Support
Section 4: Monthly Financial Support
Section 5: Creating a Budget

The Government of Canada’s rules around minimum financial support can get very complex, particularly when sponsoring multiple family units, adult children, or providing significant in-kind support.

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