Section 3: Start-Up Support
Start-up refers to the material items required at the beginning of a sponsorship so that newcomers can get established, such as:

• household items • kitchenware • basic furniture
• linens and towels • food staples • clothing/winter clothing
• deposit for utilities • internet installation • last month’s rent
• school supplies • cell phone • computer (if possible)

The amount of start-up support provided ranges depending on the sponsors’ ability to source good-quality donated or second-hand items. This is referred to as “in-kind support”. IRCC provides a general minimum start-up amount (see table).
• Start-up costs can be reduced by in-kind donations but cannot be replaced entirely.
• Newcomers must receive some money directly for start-up to use as they choose – this is referred to as start-up “cash” and must be separate from financial support for monthly expenses. It should be provided by cheque or direct deposit shortly after arrival and/or upon moving into permanent housing - it does not have to be actual cash.
• Items purchased by sponsors for newcomers do not count as start-up “cash”. They count as “in-kind” support.
•Sponsors must keep track (lists, photos) of all in-kind support provided, as IRCC could request it at any time to demonstrate support.

Additional Information:
The Refugee Sponsorship Training Program (RSTP) has created an online calculator which includes start-up costs and in-kind deductions:



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