Section 1: Total Funds Required
The table below provides AURA's general estimate of the funds required to do a sponsorship. However, only your group can calculate an accurate fundraising goal for your sponsorship based on the real cost of living in your area, available supports from the community and/or the refugees' family members, in-kind donations, the composition of the family, and their unique circumstances and needs.

Your financial commitment will last for 1 year from the date of arrival.

During this time, you will be responsible to provide enough money or in-kind support to cover each family member’s:
• Start-up costs (e.g. furnishings, clothing),
• Housing (rent, utilities)
• Basic needs (e.g. food, personal care)
• Transportation (public transit passes)
• Communication (phone, internet)

AURA sponsors must ensure a reasonable standard of living.

We strongly encourage you to raise additional money to cover further expenses that will allow the newcomers to make the most of their first year in Canada. Here are some examples of expenses sponsors can provide or pay for, over and above the minimum requirements:
• Renters insurance (highly recommended!)
• Dental care
• Emergencies or unforeseen circumstances
• Educational costs such as university applications, language proficiency tests, specialized courses
• Professional interpreters for important meetings
• Recreation programs, bicycles, children’s camps, excursions etc
• Computers, other technology helpful for employment/education
• Repayment (in full or in part) of the immigration/travel loan (approx. $1,200-$1,500 per newcomer)

The items listed above are not mandatory for sponsors to provide. However, since sponsorship is about setting newcomers up for success, if your group can afford to provide/pay for something that will have a long-term benefit, you should certainly consider it.



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