Section 2: Funds Required in Advance
AURA will tell you how much money you need to raise/provide before we will submit your sponsorship application the sponsorship process with IRCC. We generally use the IRCC Cost Table amounts as a guide (see table) and allow sponsors to continue raising the rest of the funds while the application is in process.

Funds are required prior to submission because the signatories to the sponsorship application become financially liable as soon as an application is submitted. At AURA, we are responsible for ensuring all sponsored newcomers receive adequate financial support post-arrival, and therefore require funds be in place from the beginning.

Location of Funds:
Most AURA sponsorships involve an Anglican Church, which holds/disburses the funds on behalf of the sponsors. In some cases, AURA holds/disburses the funds. Sponsors will coordinate disbursements with the Church or AURA to ensure newcomers receive timely financial support.

In-Kind Support:
Even if you plan to provide significant in-kind support, the IRCC Cost Table amounts are required before submission. Any exceptions will be determined by AURA on a case-by-case basis.

Adult Children:
• IRCC considers each child over the age of 18 an adult. Adult children must receive their own money monthly for basic needs, transportation, and communication even if they are dependents residing with the rest of the family.
• Additional funds will therefore be required for each child over the age of 18.
• Be aware of children turning 18 while the application is in process, or during the sponsorship year..

For Blended Visa Office Referred (BVOR) Sponsors:
Refugees sponsored through the BVOR Program will receive 6 months of financial support directly from the government. The amount required before submission is approximately 50% of the Estimated Total Cost, and the suggested total amount sponsors should raise is the Estimated Total Cost minus 50% of the IRCC Cost Table amount.

Additional Information: More information about the Government Cost Table:



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