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Click on the topics below to see AURA’s recommended resources. We encourage all sponsors to scroll through the many opportunities and programs to see what might be beneficial for the newcomers you are sponsoring. In the Capacity Building and Additional Training section, we share links and activities curated especially to support sponsors.

If you have a resource to add, please contact us.

1. The Refugee Sponsorship Program and Refugees
2. IRCC Useful Links
3. Welcome to Canada
4. Settlement Agencies
5. Language
6. Interpreters
7. Education
8. Health, Dental, Mental Health and Immunization
9. Legal Services
10. CRA, Taxes and Financial Literacy
11. Employment
12. Recreation
13. Citizenship
14. Address Updates for Newcomers
15. Immigration (Travel) Loan – How to Pay
16. Police Checks & Contact Info

Capacity Building and Additional Training:
1. Recommended Podcasts and Videos
2. Refugee Sponsorship E-Training
3. Refugee Sponsorship Training Program Webinars
4. Exercises to be done Individually or in a Group



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