Become a Refugee Sponsor

Sponsor groups are made of volunteers who come together to raise funds and commit to supporting a refugee individual or family for their first year in Canada. AURA helps sponsor groups navigate the Private Sponsorship of Refugees (PSR) program. We work with Anglican churches and other community and faith groups. Because of the structure of AURA’s sponsorship agreement, we strive to link community groups with Anglican Churches to facilitate the sponsorship process where possible.

There are over 80 million displaced people in our world. Over 26 million are refugees in need of protection.

More sponsor groups mean more refugees can be resettled to Canada.

AURA receives thousands of requests to help sponsor refugees to Canada but we need more sponsor groups.

Download our Factsheet: Refugee Sponsorship: An Overview

Sponsors are responsible for:
• Providing the cost of food, rent and household utilities and other day-to-day living expenses;
• Providing clothing, furniture and other household goods;
• Locating interpreters;
• Selecting a family physician and dentist;
• Assisting with applying for provincial health-care coverage;
• Enrolling children in school and adults in language training;
• Introducing newcomers to people with similar personal interests;
• Providing orientation to daily activities like: banking, transportation, shopping etc.;
• Helping in the search for employment.

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