Minimum Financial Support
This section covers monthly support and start- up costs.


Monthly Support
Private sponsor are contractually obliged to provide monthly financial support equal to or more than RAP rates.

What is RAP? The Resettlement Assistance Program (RAP) is the federal program through which government assisted refugees receive financial support. Blended Visa Office Referred (BVOR) refugees receive 6 months of RAP directly from the government and sponsors must provide the equivalent for the other 6 months. See the table below or the MINIMUM FINANCIAL SUPPORT CALCULATOR for the rates.

-RAP rates for families with children are low, and sponsors often provide more to ensure needs are met. However, RAP rates for adults (anyone over 18) are closer to a reasonable living amount.

-Adult Children: If there are adult children in the family you are sponsoring, they must receive their own money every month for basic needs, transportation and communication EVEN IF THEY ARE DEPENDENTS RESIDING WITH THE REST OF THE FAMILY.

-Other RAP Benefits: RAP also provides special allowances for maternity food, clothing, newborns and special dietary needs. If these are relevant to your sponsorship, you must provide, at minimum, the same amounts.

RAP Rates:

Start-Up Costs

Start-up costs refer to one time payments at the beginning of a sponsorship to help newcomers get established. They include:
They include:
• household items
• furniture
• linens
• food staples
• clothing
• winter clothing
• deposit for utilities
• phone installation
• first month’s rent
• school supplies

Start-up costs can be reduced by in-kind donations, but they can never be replaced entirely. Newcomers must receive some money directly to purchase their start-up items.

IRCC’s Information about Start-Up Costs:
Maximum In-Kind Deductions:



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