Cost of Sponsorship
At AURA, we can provide you with 2 figures: The amount you need before we can submit your case, and the estimated total cost of the sponsorship.

Funds Required Prior to Submission:
Before AURA can submit a sponsorship application to the Government of Canada, the sponsoring parish is required to have a specific amount of money set aside to cover their potential liability. Liability numbers are based on social assistance rates, and the real cost of carrying out a reasonable, ethical sponsorship is higher. However, groups have time to continue fundraising while the application is being processed.

Who can hold the money?
The funds must be held at the sponsoring parish/church, segregated in their accounting records and tracked separately from operational funds. AURA and the Anglican Diocese of Toronto need proof that these funds are in place before submitting the application package to IRCC.

Estimated Total Cost:
Named Cases: For named cases, sponsors are responsible for full financial support for 12 months.

BVORs: Blended Visa Office Referred cases receive 6 months of financial support from the government, so they have ½ the liability. Therefore, the amount required prior to submission is ½ that of a named case, and the estimated total cost is that of a named case minus the funds newcomers will receive from the government.



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