1. Helping Newcomers Work: A website designed to provide support for Canadians helping refugees find the best work possible. Highly recommended! https://helpingnewcomerswork.ca/

2. Jumpstart - Refugee Talent: A Canadian non-profit focused on streamlining the process of the arrival of refugees and their employment. They have various programs focused on helping newcomers find employment. http://www.rcjp.ca/what-we-do

3. Skills for Change: An organization that supports newcomers with career and language training, workshops, and employment focused skills development programs.https://skillsforchange.org/

•Their Newcomer Entrepreneurship Hub focuses on the entrepreneurial spirit of newcomers and assists in breaking down barriers by helping them to successfully establish a business and/or obtain employment. https://skillsforchange.org/e-hub/

4. Futurpreneur Canada: A non-profit that provides financing, mentoring and support tools to eligible aspiring business owners (ages 18-39). https://www.futurpreneur.ca/en/

5. Access Alliance: Financial Coaching