Committee Requirements
Sponsor Group Requirements:
As a Sponsorship Agreement Holder, it is our job to screen our sponsor groups. Therefore, every group working through AURA must comply with the following requirements:

AURA is responsible for screening and approving our sponsor groups. In addition to each group submitting a Settlement Plan and Budget, AURA requires each sponsor group member to:
1. Provide their complete contact information
2. Submit a police check
3. Attend a Settlement Training Session
Please have one group member submit all contact information and police checks to AURA together.

1. Contact Information
Send AURA a list with each sponsor group member’s with full name, mailing address, phone number and email.

2. Police Checks
Provide AURA with a scanned copy of a Level 1 Criminal Record Check for each sponsor group member. Checks must be dated within the last year. After 3 years, if you still have an active sponsorship commitment, we require new ones. We accept copies of police checks from other work/volunteer activities and letters generated from the Anglican Diocese’s police check program.

Contact your local police to apply. To apply online in Toronto click here, for York Region click here.

Vulnerable Sector Checks (Toronto):
AURA is a referring agency with the Toronto Police, and can request Vulnerable Sector Checks for your group members. Each sponsor must provide $20 and sign a form at the AURA office.

3. Settlement Training Session
Each sponsor group member must attend a Settlement Training Session with AURA staff. When it’s time to start preparing for the arrival of the refugees you have sponsored, AURA will contact you to arrange a session for your group. From time to time, we host open Training Sessions for new members, members wanting a refresher, or prospective sponsors wishing to learn more.

Contact AURA for more information. .



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