Interim Federal Health
Interim Federal Health Program (IFH)
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The Interim Federal Health Program (IFHP) provides limited, temporary coverage of health-care benefits for resettled refugees.
• IFHP is funded by IRCC and administered by Medavie Blue Cross.
• A Certificate of Eligibility is issued upon arrival by Canada Border Service Agency (see example, opposite page).
• To use IFHP coverage, you must present the certificate to the service provider.
• Coverage lasts 12 months.

IFHP provides coverage in addition to OHIP.

• Benefits have certain limits, including maximum dollar amounts.
• IFHP will not approve care that can be accessed through OHIP. This means that resettled refugees are only likely to access supplemental and prescription drug coverage through IFHP.
• All refugees in Canada receive the following types of coverage:

Coverage for the Immigration Medical Exam (IME)
• IFHP covers the cost of the pre-departure Immigration Medical Exam which the government of Canada requires prospective resettled refugees to undergo (the cost would otherwise be included in the Immigration Loan).
• This means applicants may receive a copy of their certificate (shown right) before coming to Canada.

Service Providers:
• Service providers must be registered with Medavie Blue Cross to accept IFHP coverage.
• Sometimes, service providers can advocate for discretion in coverage. This depends greatly on the health care provider.

There is a list of service providers that accept IFHP on the Medavie Blue Cross website (including Pharmacies, Doctors, Specialists etc.)

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